Payrolling Services

Outsourcing payroll is a solution for human resource that is used to simplify the process of payroll administration and greatly reduce your cost. By asking Accurate Staffing to payroll someone for you, Accurate Staffing is now the legal employer of that person. We are responsible for all the costs an employee once cost you. We take care of all taxes and insurance (including Worker’s Compensation, FICA, State and Local taxes, and IRS withholding). You are no longer obligated for Health Care Premiums, Life Insurance Premiums, Pension/ 401(k) plan payments, or PTO!


"I am so pleased with Accurate Staffing’s level of service here at our largest Distribution Center. This year, we have reached new levels in units moved per man hour and cost per man hour — levels that no one has ever seen before at any of our 6 Regional Distribution Centers. Just during the first two months of this year, we have seen new network records in cost per unit and units moved per man hour. Let's not forget this has all been done with no lost time injuries.....Hats off to the Accurate Staffing on-site staff!"
- Senior Distribution Manager
National Distribution Company